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DHK Diamonds

New Nadina has acquired all Kettle River Resources Ltd.'s diamond interest (NR Feb 15, 2017).

Property History

As of  September 1998, five proven diamond bearing kimberlites were located on the DHK properties. Kettle River is 1/3 owner of DHK Diamonds Inc. (DHK) who originally acquired these claims in 1992 (208,000 acres) in the early stages of the Canadian Diamond staking rush.

WO Block: Located southeast of Lac de Gras within the 'Corridor of Hope'
This block contains the DO27 (Tli Kwi Cho) and DO18 kimberlite pipes tested during 1993-1994 for economic diamonds. Initial DO27 exploratory drilling results provided encouraging diamond count results and indicated the potential for a large kimberlite reserve. The construction of a decline to accommodate the extraction of an underground bulk sample was started by Kennecott in 1993. The bulk sample was trucked to Yellowknife on the winter road in the spring of 1994. The program was hindered by time constraints and unexpected ground conditions cut short the program leaving the better areas indicated by diamond counts from drill core not sampled. The results were considered discouraging mainly due to high expectations. At this time and as a result of a lengthy review of available data, we have reason to suspect there is inadequate proof to determine the economics of Tli Kwi Cho.

During the spring of 1998, the drilling of a geophysical anomaly beside a previously drilled kimberlite DO29 discovered a diamondiferous phase with chemistry similar to Tli Kwi Cho. Recall that Tli Kwi Cho was considered extremely significant by chemistry and diamond count.  Sources of other indicator trains throughout the block have not been determined.

DHK Claim Block: Located on the south shore of Lac de Gras
Exploration drilling prior to 1994 found three diamond bearing kimberlites. Although never bulk sampled nor drilled extensively, they are suspected to contain small reserves. Five new targets were found as a result of last winter's close spaced airborne geophysical program. This claim block, under option to BHP in 2000-2001, was drill tested (by Archon Minerals) 14 Falcon Survey anomalies - was not  successful in finding new kimberlites.  In May 2002, this property was abandoned.  Prior to their final expiry date,  New Nadina Explorations proceeded with a lease application over DHK 16, 17, & 18 claims and has agreed to  pay DHK & Kennecott each a 1% gross overriding royalty (GOR).  

WI Block: Located on the north shore of Lac de Gras
Numerous diamond indicators were found but exploration was never successful  in locating a diamond bearing kimberlite.  This block, under option to BHP in 2000-2001 was not successful in locating any kimberlites and the claims were abandoned.

Updated: Feb. 22, 2005

Peregrine Diamonds Ltd. acquired the BHP Billiton option on the WO Claim Block.  Peregrine is proceeding with a 200 tonne bulk sample on the DO27 kimberlite (News Release Feb8,2005).

Kettle River Resources Ltd. owns 1/3 of DHK Diamonds Inc. (DHK) which owns certain properties at Lac de Gras.  These are located in a proven economic diamond production area in Canada's Northwest Territories. The original 208,000 acres holding has been greatly reduced as exploration has determined some areas to be no longer prospective.
Numerous agreements to further explore and develop the property, entered into by DHK Diamonds, have resulted in the significant dilution to the DHK partners (Dentonia Resources Ltd, Horseshoe Gold Mining Inc. & Kettle River Resources Ltd.). Currently the WO block is being explored.        

The discovery of a new kimberlite (NR Aug. 19, 2002)  adjacent to the previously drilled Kennecott diamondiferous kimberlite (DO29) granted Peregrine the right to proceed with a 200 tonne bulk sample on a target of their choice solely at their cost.      

News Release Oct 26, 2006 announces a business combination

“Peregrine will hold a 54.475% direct and 6.67% indirect interest (for total of 61.14%) in the WO joint venture in addition to 92.65% of the diamond marketing rights and project operatorship.  In addition, Peregrine will inherit (through Kettle River) a first right of refusal on the sale of the remaining 2/3 equity ownership in DHK held equally by Dentonia Resources Ltd. and Horseshoe Gold Mining Inc.”

Also “Under the terms of the acquisition agreement, Peregrine will immediately extend a secured loan to Kettle River in the principal amount of up to Cdn $2.5 million, to be drawn down on an as-needed basis, to be used by Kettle River to make its WO Diamond Project joint venture cash call contributions and for general operating expenses (to a maximum of Cdn $150,000) until the completion of the business combination.”

This was a positive business combination for the shareholders of Kettle River.  At significant expense, Fairness Opinion, financial Review, Information Circular, property reports etc were prepared for shareholder approval. The Kettle River/Peregrine arrangement was successfully destroyed when DHK management, J. McInnes and A. Petancic, sole signing officers of DHK, failed to issue a cheque for the Dec 11th contribution.  This resulted in a dilution to 10.78% interest. It was a significant decrease to partner Kettle River where interest went from 6.7% to 3.6%.  This necessitated terminating the business arrangement proceedings with Peregrine. The loss of opportunity in this instance is significant and Kettle River is exploring options to regain its loss.  Kettle River did not agree to the disposal of 9.22% interest in the WO JV Project, this may be considered a ‘transaction out of the ordinary course of business,” therefore requiring unanimous DHK shareholder consent.

As at December 19, 2006, a total of $291,811 is due Peregrine payable on March 1, 2007, being $241,811 for budget advances and $50,000 owing for corporate expenses.  The $1,049,762.35 Kettle River contribution payment was returned to Peregrine after DHK failed to honor its contribution election of Oct. 5, 2006 due on Dec. 11, 2006.

A financing is planned to fund the March 1st amount due Peregrine and meet future contribution requirements of the WO JV.  Steps are being taken to prevent similar action from recurring.

Updated December 22, 2006

DHK dismantles Kettle River/Peregrine business arrangement

Kettle River’s main objective is to make a mineral deposit discovery. Due to the current land and mineral tenure holdings and expertise of the management team, efforts are mainly focused on exploration in Canada for diamonds in the Northwest Territories and gold in the Greenwood Mining District.

By attendance and voting at budget meetings, DHK shareholders (Dentonia, Horseshoe & Kettle River) committed to maintain its 20% interest in the WOJV diamond project.  On Oct 5, 2006 DHK management notified Peregrine Diamonds Ltd. of their election to contribute to the budget program, payment of just over $3.million due Dec. 9, 2006.  With large contributions looming, Kettle River explored various avenues to reduce shareholder dilution and still maintain its indirect 6.67% project interest.  The ability for all DHK shareholders to use Flow Through (“FT”) funds was explored by where a direct property interest would be earned therefore meeting CRA requirements.

The Farm-Out Agreement proposal was rejected on Oct 12th by Adolf Petancic of Dentonia who stated that  “Kettle River's insistence that  Dentonia should raise flow-through money, at this stage, is ludicrous and not  sustainable in a court of law and cannot be used to reject the Farm-Out.”

What was proposed was that non-FT dollars would garner a larger interest than FT and unacceptable that Kettle River, if using FT funds would be subject to dilution in DHK.  

Dentonia and Horseshoe rebuffed an invitation to purchase Kettle River’s 1/3 interest in DHK and Peregrine was approached with a proposal to take the Company over on a 5 to one basis.  An arrangement with Peregrine was agreed upon that did not contravene the June 1, 1992 DHK Shareholders’ Agreement.


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